Crazy Adventurous

By Connor Neigenfind

When I think of Christ coming to earth I think of the craziest mission trip of all time. I remember in high school I had the opportunity to go on a missions trip to Managua, Nicaragua. One of the areas we visited was a massive garbage dump in which many people lived. I remember riding around in my air conditioned van, looking out the window to see people, made in the image of God, literally living in trash. Maybe you have had a similar experience? It is not something you easily forget.

Imagine, for a moment, I told you I was so overcome by compassion for those people, and felt such a God-given burden to help them that I came back to the United States, packed up my stuff and literally moved into the dump with them. Most people I know would think that was nuts. Most Christ-followers I know would probably give me a list of reasons why Jesus wouldn’t actually be calling me to do something that radical. While this hypothetical example might sound extreme (I have not yet sensed God calling me to move to Managua, but it could happen), it is still a yawn in comparison to God leaving heaven and coming to a planet under the curse of sin. It doesn’t even come close.

The point is this: Jesus is our model of adventurous faith. There is no greater mission -no crazier adventure- than the one Jesus went on. There is nothing Jesus would invite you into that He isn’t willing to enter into Himself. We serve an adventurous God who invites His people to embrace adventurous faith.

God might call you to do something “crazy”. He might call you to do something “extreme”. He might call you to do something that your parents or the people signing songs next to you on Sunday mornings think is reckless. If He does, you should consider yourself blessed. You are in excellent company. You are in the company of Jesus. 

Image by Gonzalo Bauluz – Own work, CC BY 3.0,

One thought on “Crazy Adventurous

  1. An insightful visual of Jesus coming to this earth trashed by the disobedience of His creation but an encouragement as well to seek out the gems and beauty in the midst of our walk with Him. O LORD, May others “crazy” become our “normal” as we follow Jesus!


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